Finished Stripes

At long last, pictures of simplicity 1692 . I’ve worn it several times already, and I’m rather proud of it, especially since this was my first time sewing a blouse 🙂

front (2)

back (2)That being said…why, yes, that is a seam you see running down the back. Hehe. Besides being my first blouse this was also the first time with stripes, and it completely slipped my mind that I ought to plan my cutting. As it was, I ran out of fabric and had to piece the back section. Oh well. 🙂 I don’t mind too much, and I doubt I’ll let it happen again.

Oddly though, my favorite parts were the fasteners. The zipper went in with surprising ease, and the buttons! I love the loops for them. I was a little wary at first, having never done buttons that way, but they actually turned out right! Yay!

buttons (2)Despite the little hiccups here and there, I’m very happy with the finished product. And it is nice and cool in all this summer heat.

Now I’m off to cogitate on several little sewing ideas I have brewing – most related to the much anticipated return of fall 🙂 I can’t wait for sweaters and scarves!


Summer Shirt Project

My, it’s been quite the while since I’ve been on here! The main reason being that all my sewing ventures have been of the mending, altering, and trivial nature, and generally un-bloggish. And studies did factor in heavily too, not to mention not seeing a fabric store for over two months. As luck would have it though, when I did finally make it to the store, simplicity patterns were only a dollar each! This opened up a delightful flurry of sewing inspiration, and I came away with several.

Simplicity 1692

shirt project (2)

I’m very excited about this one. So many options! My favorite, and the one that I’ll be attempting to accomplish, is the bottom left, C. Funny story – being as I always seem to be in a hurry, I grabbed this up eagerly, going “what? No zipper or back buttons? Yes!” I was fond of the idea of only shoulder buttons, but it never occurred to me that there might be a zipper somewhere else. Yup, there’s one on the side! That surprised me quite a bit. 🙂

Looks perfect for summer, though, doesn’t it?

shirt pattern (2)

I hope to finish this one in a decent amount of time. Blouses scare me sometimes, but this one does seem rather easy.

The other vintage styled pattern I came away with was Simplicity 3688. I have a weakness for suits, and the pants intrigued me. Hopefully I can try this out come fall, with a nice warm fabric, in navy or gray.

suit pattern (2)