Forties Suit: Done!

forties suit me (2)Finally finished 🙂 A tad wrinkly, but finished. The jacket was far more complex than I thought it would be, partially through my fault. I’m not sure why, but when searching for patterns, pockets were my biggest concern. What I should’ve been worried about was the collar. My pattern didn’t have a collar, but I cockily presumed it would be a piece of cake to add one. Wrong. It took the better part of a day to draft and try to insert one. (Even still, it came out rather lopsided)

40s Stone Grey Wool Suit XS Small / 1940s Fall by CrushVintage But overall, I think it turned out pretty close to my inspiration suit. It’s a shame I didn’t finish it sooner; with spring right around the corner the suit is just a bit stifling (I’m astonished at how warm tweed is). I’m glad though to have it finally finished. What bogged me down more than anything else was the details; I can sew an entire dress and then balk at hemming it. But I did finish, and now I can start on some badly needed clothing alterations.


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