skirtIt’s done!! One half of my suit is finished! 😀

Everything went fairly well, except that I yo-yoed back and forth on the size. It was too small at first, but then I overcompensated. My final solution was adding little darts to the back to get it just right.

I just really love it. The tweed is nice and warm, and though it’s a bit more of an A-line than my inspiration, I think it will work out fine with the jacket. The lining may be my favorite part. After I got the tweed, I switched from navy to brown, and I do think it works better.

lining (2)

Well, on to what I’m really nervous about, the jacket. I think the sleeves are what worry me the most; mainly for the same reason I don’t like doing eye makeup – I have to get them to look the same. But, I figure a test mock up will help, hopefully. In the meantime, I have a nice new skirt to get some wear out of!


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