Pattern Puzzle

First off, my raring get up and go start to the suit project was somewhat squashed by a very long and unexpected trip to Michigan (brrr) but the good news is, along the way I was able to get various and sundry items I needed for the suit, including a zipper. Ah yes. The zipper. While reading through the pattern, I was a little perplexed by the instructions; it said to use a ‘slide fastener’. I had never heard of that term, and it took me a while before resorting to google, which, much to my relief, assured me was just a zipper. I have a feeling that’s only the first of surprises the pattern holds for me.

This all leads up to today; the skirt just needs a couple more seams and before mentioned zipper, and some finishing, but I am thankful that my least favorite part, the cutting, is over. Sadly, I already need another seam ripper (I lost mine quite a while back). I was naïve enough to think I could get away without one, but already, the very first day and I had to seam rip with my big scissors 😦 I’m hoping to have the skirt finished next week, if I refrain from haphazardly charging through seams, that is.



2 thoughts on “Pattern Puzzle

  1. Oh Mary, I remember the first time I used a vintage pattern, and it was weird figuring out all the different terminologies! It sounds like your doing great so far, and I can’t wait to see the finished skirt!

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