The Start of a Suit

Today, the very first step was taken toward my latest project. It’s massive, and I’m feeling nervous now that the fabric is actually on it’s way. A while back, I became enamored with the idea of a 40’s suit set. After quickly scanning Etsy for ones that were already made, I found it. The beauty I had dreamed about. Only, alas, my waist was too large. By several inches. Slightly crushed, I decided that possibly I could recreate it. Here’s the outfit. (via Etsy )

40s Stone Grey Wool Suit XS Small / 1940s Fall by CrushVintage The fabric in the photo is wool, while the fabric I just bought to recreate it is tweed (personal preference). So far the tweed is the only thing I’ve ordered. The next steps will be the pattern (vintage 40’s jacket, tweaked just a tiny bit) and some navy lining, as well as the notions. I must confess, the thought of doing the belt is intimidating, but, I’ll deal with that when the time comes. For now though, I impatiently await the arrival of tweed!


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